My name is Kostas Lekkas. Raised in Piraeus, I’ve lived and worked in a number of cities in Greece, like Athens, Volos and Patras. As of August 2018 I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.


I am a Software Engineer and Engineering Team Lead. My favourite technology stack is the one that is best suited to solve the problem at hand.

I have professional experience in a number of areas, from Linux kernel development and maintaining backend services for an IoT platform that supported 1000’s of devices, to shipping constrained optimization-based products and working in numerous EU-funded research projects.

I am comfortable with deep technical details as well as with high level, abstract thinking.

I have held a few non-technical roles and recently played a big part in building products and processes in a fast growing startup. These opportunities came at a time when I finally realized that true impact comes from prioritizing people and teams. I’ve learnt a lot about what does and what doesn’t work.

During the second half of 2019 I took some time off to settle in Tel Aviv, travel, and study to break into Machine Learning. A sabbatical of sorts, which I totally recommend.


Want to get in touch? Feel free to email me at You can also find me at: